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S/mileage Members vs 3rd Gen and Sasaki Rikako


A few weeks ago leader Wada Ayaka and Fukuda Kanon announced to the other members and the world that they had decided it was time to add a 3rd generation and change the group name. They said this was a necessary change to move ahead into the future. After about two weeks we now see the results of the that declaration as 3 new members from the Hello! Pro eggs have been promoted into the 3rd generation of S/mileage. Murota Mizuki, Aikawa Maho and Sasaki Rikako are the three newest members of the group, the name will be decided at a later date based off fan votes. I follow the Eggs to some degree but Murota Mizuki i’ve only heard of and I have no clue who Aikawa Maho is so only time will tell how they work out with being promoted to the big leagues. On the other hand Sasaki Rikako is a monster who was one of my favorite Eggs and one of the most heavily promoted

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