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Majisuka Gakuen 4 Cast Revealed


So while i’m technically not ready to put out any fresh threads, something important was announced today and deserves a little quick write up. Today on a special episode of Akbingo! the Majisuka Gakuen 4 cast has been revealed and some of the plot as well. It appears that we’re back in the same Majijo school from the 1st 2 seasons and this story is somewhat of a continuation. It takes place a few years after the events of season 2 so some cameos of past characters can’t be ruled out. I had predicted in a previous thread as to who the main character would be and I would just like to say I TOLD YOU SO!!! lol. The main character is none other than 48G’s it girl….

150102 AKB48 Drama 'Majisuka Gakuen 4' Chokuzen SP.mp4 - 00001

Miyawaki Sakura – “Sakura”

150102 AKB48 Drama 'Majisuka Gakuen 4' Chokuzen SP.mp4 - 00000

She was the girl I predicted to be most likely to center the 4th season and I was right 🙂 She will take the role of main heroine transfer student like the past centers of previous seasons who will combat the schools finest delinquents in a quest for justice

As to who she will be fighting against, it appears that the Rappapa is back in action with a new leader and new set of Heavenly Queens. Leading them as the Head of the Rappapa is

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Top 10 Strongest Majisuka Gakuen Characters

Question Mark

(Warning may contain spoilers but if you’ve seriously havent seen MJGK by now you’re a moron and deserve to be spoiled 🙂 )

I’ve said that I like to rank things whether they be serious or complete nonsense and this list is gonna be one of many on this site. And this one is gonna be a nonsense type lol. This time I’m gonna rank the top 10 strongest characters among the entire Majisuka Gakuen trilogy. I made this list based on victories, strength of opponents, damage potential, and implied strength. Pretty much each person on this list can beat up the person ranked lower but not the person ranked higher in my opinion. It is mainly hypothetical since most of these characters never truly fought each other so I suggest you get over it if you’re offended by my judgment lmao.

*Body count = number of opponents a character has knocked out on screen

First up….

Majisuka Otabe

#10 Otabe (MJGK 2)

Otabe from season 2 of MJGK. This was a girl who’s strength even Maeda recognized as she was appointed as the president of the Rappapa even though she was a transfer student and Maeda already had capable queens. She was able to counter Center with ease and took out quite a few Yabakune soldiers during the big showdown. Her head is calm and cool so she never gets flustered or distracted in battle, always able to think clearly about ways to win. She was a former gang leader who thought she was hot shit into she ran into Maeda when she was still battle crazy, yet Otabe was still able to hold her own. It was also the only battle Otabe ever lost in her life
Notable Battles

Vs Maeda – Loss

Vs Center –  win/Tie??

Body count: 4 (Kind of a pacifist, avoided unnecessary fights)

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