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Idol Scandals and the Stupid Love Ban Law

Sayuri n46 scandal

Just recently Matsumura Sayuri, one of the more popular members of Nogizaka 46 was caught by Shunkan Busan on a date with a man. They allegedly say this wasn’t the first time and they’ve seen each other 3 times in total and even caught pictures of them hugging and kissing. What makes it a 1000 times worse is the fact that the alleged man is married with kids. While I don’t condone adultery, and anybody who enables and participates in this is scum in my book, we’ll have to wait to all the real evidence to come out before anybody can pass any judgment on the issue. Aside from that love ban law is out of control and should have never been created in the first place. It violates the natural order of life and deprives these girls of an integral piece of growing up

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