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On November 4, 2014 Japan’s biggest loli rockers performed in NYC at the Hammerstein Ballroom and I was one of the lucky 3k+ people who witnessed the awesomeness of the girls chosen by the Fox God. While I had planned to take a crap ton of pictures sadly I was stuck behind Lurch from the Addams Family for practically the entire concert completely blocking my view. Plus my camera on my phone was pretty crappy so most of the pictures I got were pretty damn blurry. Sorry. Next time if I ever go back to the Hammerstein I will def get balcony seats, while being on the floor was fun as fuck, it’s kind of unsatisfying if you really cant see the people you paid money to come see. Even still, i had a blast and this concert was def badass and well worth the money so to complete this thread sadly I’m gonna have to steal some concert pics from the internet which I really had no intention of ever really doing when I created this site. I’ll make sure to give credit if possible to whatever images and videos I use that aren’t my own.

The show itself started it off kind of weird, even though tickets said the show would start at 7pm, the doors themselves didnt even open till 7 will the show itself didnt start till 8:30. I dont know what happened with that scenario, whether it was BABYMETAL or the Hammerstein responsible for the time miscues but oh well. I met some cool people will waiting though, an older white guy and his daughter. They were a both a bit wacky, but in a good  way. The old guy played with his thunder drum and told stories while his daughter rambled on about nonsese. I like them lol. We had to wait in line for longer than expected but the show started off with a bang

The only good video I personally took Lmao

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Top 30 All Time Favorite Idols #30 – #11


As I said in my about section i like ranking idols in stupid or serious criteria. So what better way to start my first Ranking series than to Rank my All Time Favorite Idols. These are idols who over the course of my 7 years of being a wota have remained my favorites.  I believe you can also tell a wotas personality by the idols he follows so you’ll kind of get an idea of my types of idols through this list. So without further ado here is part 1 with  #30 to #11

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