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Morning Musume ’14 In New York

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So with me being a hardcore wota and long time Morning Musume Fan when I heard that they were coming to NY I knew I would regret it if I didnt take advantage of this gift. I mean, they are the first Idol group I ever followed and the reason I became a so obsessed with the idol genre. So here is a summary of my first encounter with my favorite group

Since I actually dont live to far from NY I figured I could just hop a train since its only an hour away and get there pretty early. Boy was I wrong, showing up at 2pm I discovered the line had already reached around a block and I dont know if you realize how big a NY city block is smh. So I was buried way at the back with the rest of the fellow fans who weren’t anticipating the early lines. ¬†Ended up getting stuck behind some Zukki fans who just bashed Riho and Sayu the whole time in line. Its kind of ignorant that Zukki fans get so “butthurt” whenever somebody says anything negative about Zukki yet they are the ones who tend to diss and bash other members the most. Whatever. After about 2 hours finally got in the arena


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