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I know its been real quiet here lately as I haven’t posted anything in a while. No I haven’t gotten bored with the site and abandoned it, its just the holiday season has been really busy for me and I havent really had the time to watch videos, save pics, and make gifs and video clips. I dont know how long It takes others to make blog post but It takes me a few hours each cause I dont like putting out crappy posts. So I decided to wait till I have some real free time and go on Hiatus until after the holiday season.

Upcoming Posts I Have Planned:

Ebi Calcio Ep 8 & 9 Review

Gomen Ne Seishun Ep 5-8 Review

Idol Spotlight: Sekiya Mayu

Top Ten Akbingo! Diva Segment Performances

Morning Musume 12th Generation 2nd Impressions

Top 10 Most Perverted Idols


A new segment I have planned called “Know Your OTP” which was originally going to be a Top 10 list but I like OTP’s to much and decided to focus on them one at a time. If you don’t know what OTP stands for it means “One True Pairing” which is basically Idol Shipping, or  a pair or group of idols who are known to be extremely close whether it be a real friendship that spans outside of work or a fake relationship created by management to sell more. Some examples of an OTP may be GakiKame (Nigaki Risa & Kamei Eri), Mikinan (Nishino Miki & Shinozaki Ayana), or Chihou Gumi (Sashihara Rino, Kitahara Rie, Oya Shizuka, and Nakanishi Yuka + new member Yokoyama Yui).

So I got alot of shit planned for this site just need the time to dedicate to catching up. See you in January

Takahashi Minami Finally Announces Graduation From AKB

Takahashi Minami 10

So it has finally happen, the Soukantoku and most powerful 48G member of all time has finally announced her graduation from the group. Today on December 8th, 2014 at the groups 9th Anniversary Special Theater stage Takahashi announced that she would graduate exactly one year later at the 10th Anniversary Stage. She says it’s a year away cause she has to still do things and allow time for her successors to  get situated properly. Its a fitting way to graduate and obvious some thought was put into it to have her graduate the day of such a special occasion, on her 10th year of being in the group. She was a 1st gen original member and was one of the people who shed blood and tears to bring this group from the gutter to a national level.  She was there when the group could barely get 10 people to watch them preform and worked her ass off for the sake of the group to get them to the level of being the most successful and popular female group in Japanese Musical history.Even though she wasn’t actually made a captain till 2009,4 years after they debuted, she has been considered the captain since day one. She always led the team huddles and gave the motivational speeches or the harsh scoldings when needed. Takamina was the original heart and soul of AKB being the original center for the first few songs before the All Powerful Maeda Atsuko took over. It was like she was destined to be part of this group as even her birthday, April 8th, translates to 48. Her legacy is tremendous and it is a great way to go out for somebody who devoted so much to the group yet asked for so little for herself.

Takahashi Minami 09

She also announced her successor to the AKBG General Manager (Soukantoku) title in that of 9th gen member Yokoyama Yui. It was an expected choice and personally we would have all been shocked if she wasn’t chosen. No other member in 48G except maybe NMB’s Yamamoto Sayaka exudes as much leadership aura as Yuihan. She has always been considered the person who most closely resembles Takahashi Minami, even since her KKS days. Even though she is technically a 9th gen AKB member, she always seemed different from her other gen-mates. She had the aura of an original member and if you didnt know any better, could naturally assume she was a 1st gen. And as an added bonus her birthday is on December 8th, the day that AKB debuted back in 2005. Yuihan too like Takamina has been destined since birth to lead this group. Takamina can leave the group comfortably knowing that the leadership reigns are in good hands.

Takahashi Minami’s Graduation Speech

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Majisuka Gakuen 4??? Confirmed for January???


According to whats been chatted about across the world wide web, apparently Aki-P has been talking about writing a script for the next and long overdue installment of Majisuka Gakuen. It seems that today those suspicions were confirmed and the show is scheduled to start as early as January. I love the MJGK series as they are a crazy departure from the usual idol based shows, full of inappropriate comedy and hardcore violence. While most of the original casts of the first 3 seasons have long since graduated or become to old or busy for a return, its prompts us with a new opportunity to welcome a new cast of characters to the heavily anticipated series. Who knows if the storyline will be a completely different self sustained one or one that ties into any of the previous season. Going back the the prison story would be cool but I would rather see them go back to Majisuka High School and show whats happened in the time since Maeda and the queens left

There is no set  cast at the time of this article yet some heavy favorites who could appear have been listed, most of which are the heavily promoted youngsters of the next generation 48G. So far its…..

Miyawaki Sakura (HKT KIV / AKB A)

Shimazaki Haruka (AKB A)

Ikoma Rina (NOGIZAKA 46 / AKB B)

Kojima Mako (AKB K)

Kitakawa Ryoha (SKE S)

Mukaichi Mion (AKB 4)

Nakano Ikumi (AKB 8)

Owada Nana (AKB 4)

Yabuki Nako (HKT H)

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Country Musume Revived!!!!

Country Girls

It was announced a few months ago by Tsunku Sama that Country Musume was to be revived after being defunct for quite a few years. Only one member of the group was still active, Satoda Mai, and she had moved on with her life and moved to New York with husband superstar Yankee’s pitcher Tanaka Masahiro. Well after months of silence the new group was finally revealed to the public. Country Musume will undertake a name change to coincide withe the the new members, 6 in total. Two Eggs have been promoted, Yamaki Risa and Inaba Manaka, along with 3 new faces I believe came from the Morning Musume 12 gen finalist. Manaka is to me the most famous of the bunch and will probably be center of the group as she was a former Idol group leader (PEACEFUL) and has a good dance and vocal background even being voted best dancer among the Eggs.  I know I said that there are 6 members but I only listed 5 cause the 6th member is a bit special and needs to be talked about by herself. And no its not Satoda Mai, she will serve as the groups general manager from NY. The last member of the group is none other than…..

Tsugunaga Momoko

….Berryz Koubou’s Tsugunaga Momoko!!!! Yes, Momochi is the 6th and final member of the revived Country Musume. She will serve as the “playing manager” which I assume is like a player coach or like a Sashihara Rino type member, somebody who is in charge of the group yet one of its members as well. I think this is a great move as Momo is somebody who knows the idol game better than most, she knows what it takes and has the talent to get there. And i kind of figured that H!P wouldnt want to lose Momochi as she is much to valuabe of an asset. She is without a doubt the most famous and successful member currently in the organization after Michishige and a H!Ps biggest media presence so it makes since they thought of ways to keep her around.  I’m excited to see what this group brings to the table in the future but still feel bad cause there are some big names getting overlooked in the Egg pool like Hamaura, Taguchi, and Ogawa. Feel even worse that Tanabe Nanami called it quits too, I guess she got tired of being passed over. Wonder if there will be another group created soon to be a replacement for C-ute cause their getting old too.

Idol Scandals and the Stupid Love Ban Law

Sayuri n46 scandal

Just recently Matsumura Sayuri, one of the more popular members of Nogizaka 46 was caught by Shunkan Busan on a date with a man. They allegedly say this wasn’t the first time and they’ve seen each other 3 times in total and even caught pictures of them hugging and kissing. What makes it a 1000 times worse is the fact that the alleged man is married with kids. While I don’t condone adultery, and anybody who enables and participates in this is scum in my book, we’ll have to wait to all the real evidence to come out before anybody can pass any judgment on the issue. Aside from that love ban law is out of control and should have never been created in the first place. It violates the natural order of life and deprives these girls of an integral piece of growing up

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S/mileage Members vs 3rd Gen and Sasaki Rikako


A few weeks ago leader Wada Ayaka and Fukuda Kanon announced to the other members and the world that they had decided it was time to add a 3rd generation and change the group name. They said this was a necessary change to move ahead into the future. After about two weeks we now see the results of the that declaration as 3 new members from the Hello! Pro eggs have been promoted into the 3rd generation of S/mileage. Murota Mizuki, Aikawa Maho and Sasaki Rikako are the three newest members of the group, the name will be decided at a later date based off fan votes. I follow the Eggs to some degree but Murota Mizuki i’ve only heard of and I have no clue who Aikawa Maho is so only time will tell how they work out with being promoted to the big leagues. On the other hand Sasaki Rikako is a monster who was one of my favorite Eggs and one of the most heavily promoted

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