Majisuka Gakuen 4??? Confirmed for January???


According to whats been chatted about across the world wide web, apparently Aki-P has been talking about writing a script for the next and long overdue installment of Majisuka Gakuen. It seems that today those suspicions were confirmed and the show is scheduled to start as early as January. I love the MJGK series as they are a crazy departure from the usual idol based shows, full of inappropriate comedy and hardcore violence. While most of the original casts of the first 3 seasons have long since graduated or become to old or busy for a return, its prompts us with a new opportunity to welcome a new cast of characters to the heavily anticipated series. Who knows if the storyline will be a completely different self sustained one or one that ties into any of the previous season. Going back the the prison story would be cool but I would rather see them go back to Majisuka High School and show whats happened in the time since Maeda and the queens left

There is no set  cast at the time of this article yet some heavy favorites who could appear have been listed, most of which are the heavily promoted youngsters of the next generation 48G. So far its…..

Miyawaki Sakura (HKT KIV / AKB A)

Shimazaki Haruka (AKB A)

Ikoma Rina (NOGIZAKA 46 / AKB B)

Kojima Mako (AKB K)

Kitakawa Ryoha (SKE S)

Mukaichi Mion (AKB 4)

Nakano Ikumi (AKB 8)

Owada Nana (AKB 4)

Yabuki Nako (HKT H)

I personally like this casts so far, it has alot of potential even though it includes alot of youngsters, they are mostly all highly talented. Ikoma Rina immediately stands out as somebody who will probably be the most interesting character.Her weird quirkiness and speech patterns can be taken so far with a comedic character. Paruru will probably return just as a cameo to pass the center torch to one of the next gens like Maeda did with season 2. As for who if any of these characters will take the lead the odds on favorites are Sakura, Nana, or Mako.

3rd most likely MJGK center candidate… Kojima Mako

Kojima Mako-417144

Mako is the most heavily pushed and leader of AKB’s 3 musketeers and the most all around talented and most natural actress of the trio so she should be good. Plus she just finished a successful stint as the lead of the AKB49 Musical.

2nd most likely MJGK center candidate… Owada Nana


Nano is the golden girl of the next gen AKB. She is the prized idol of the 15th and most recent AKB generation and one of the most heavily pushed members of today’s AKB. She is only 15 years old has the idol aura of a veteran. She just got finished with a stint as co lead of the AKB49 musical along with Mako, plus starred in a pretty funny tv drama called Sailor Zombie along with Kawaei and Juri. She is a natural in front of the camera and is capable of pulling off the innocent to serious switch that is key to the center MJGK role. Plus shes fuckin adorable

1st most likely MJGK center candidate… Miyawaki Sakura


Sakura is THE “IT” girl right now in the 48G empire. Even though she is a member of the youngest sister group (HKT) she has been receiving a FUCKING MASSIVE BUT WELL DESERVED PUSH, probably the most in the entire organization. She has recently centered the 3rd HKT single and then went to place 11th in the Senbatsu Sousenkyo. Just recently she double centered along with Watanabe Mayu, the latest AKBG single Kibouteki Refrain, becoming only the 2nd member of HKT to center a AKB song. Even though she hasnt really done any scripted acting since becoming and idol, she allegedly was a child actress in the past. Plus she’s a genius on camera, knowing how to entertain on variety shows, capable of showing a wide range of emotions, massive amounts of courage and  quick and witty improv

Only time will tell if this current lineup is the true main cast of even if the show will start in january as predicted. I know i’m looking forward to it as this is one of my favorite Idol based series

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