Top 10 Strongest Majisuka Gakuen Characters

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(Warning may contain spoilers but if you’ve seriously havent seen MJGK by now you’re a moron and deserve to be spoiled ūüôā )

I’ve said that I like to rank things whether they be serious or complete nonsense and this list is gonna be one of many on this site. And this one is gonna be a nonsense type lol. This time I’m gonna rank the top 10 strongest characters among the entire Majisuka Gakuen trilogy. I made this list based on victories, strength of opponents, damage potential, and implied strength. Pretty much each person on this list can beat up the person ranked lower but not the person ranked higher in my opinion. It is mainly hypothetical since most of these characters never truly fought each other so I suggest you get over it if you’re offended by my judgment lmao.

*Body count = number of opponents a character has knocked out on screen

First up….

Majisuka Otabe

#10 Otabe (MJGK 2)

Otabe from season 2 of MJGK. This was a girl who’s strength even Maeda recognized as she was appointed as the president of the Rappapa even though she was a transfer student and Maeda already had capable queens. She was able to counter Center with ease and took out quite a few Yabakune soldiers during the big showdown. Her head is calm and cool so she never gets flustered or distracted in battle, always able to think clearly about ways to win. She was a former gang leader who thought she was hot shit into she ran into Maeda when she was still battle crazy, yet Otabe was still able to hold her own. It was also the only battle Otabe ever lost in her life
Notable Battles

Vs Maeda – Loss

Vs Center Р win/Tie??

Body count: 4 (Kind of a pacifist, avoided unnecessary fights)

Majisuka Shibuya

#9 Shibuya (MJGK 2)

Shibuya, the Gal Yankee and primary antagonist of MJGK 2. I choose the one from the 2nd season as she was much more fearsome and dominating than the 1st season version. In the 1st season she got OHKO’d by Maeda and kind of seemed weak after that, but the 2nd season redeemed her gangsta status. She single handedly took over the rival yankee school with ease. She then proceeded to decimate one of Maeda’s 2nd gen queens without really breaking a sweat. ¬†She pretty much outclassed everybody during¬†MJGK 2 as she never got a chance to actually fight any of the other people on this list

Notable Battles

Vs Maeda – Loss

Vs Ookabuki Р Win

Body count: 21

Majisuka Miyu

#8 Miyu (MJGK 3)

Miyu, the cowardly killer. This girl was depicted to be a weak and cowardly girl all season and most often bullied by even her own teammates. That is until it was revealed she was actually a contract killer undercover. Yes, she actually has killed somebody, this girl is cold blooded. She was able to take down Bunker with relative ease and decimated a crap ton of male soldiers sent her way during the finale. But the most impressive display of strength has to be her fight with heroine and main character Paru. Miyu proceeded to kick the living shit out of Paru (who up until that point was invincible) for nearly 85% percent of the fight. She would have won the battle if she didnt go too far with her taunting and make Paru go insane

Notable Battles

Vs Paru Р Loss (Barely)

Body count: 13

Majisuka Nobunaga

# 7 Nobunaga (MJGK 3)

Nobunaga, the original leader of Team Mongoose and rumored strongest girl in the prison before Paru showed up. ¬†She was the original choice for “Cleaner” which is a form of assassin for the prison but turned it down and earned her self a solitary confinement sentence for most of the season. Most of her strength is word of mouth since she was locked away for so long but when let loose she made short work all the soldiers thrown her way. Ranks higher than Miyu for the sole purpose of the prison director thinking Nobunaga is much more a valuable asset and indispensable.

Notable Battles

Vs An’nin – Tie

Body count: 11

Majisuka Sado

# 6 Sado (MJGK)

Sado the sadist and Vice – president of Rappapa. ¬†She holds command of Majisuka High when Yuko isn’t around and is absolutely feared by the large majority of students. Her fighting style is absolutely horrifying as she takes pleasure in causing others pain. Even the 4 heavenly queens follow her absolute orders out of either respect or fear. ¬†Used to be a former gang leader until Yuko whooped that ass, she has been seen taking out groups of opponents by herself with ease. In her battle with the almighty Maeda, she took her to the limits and only nearly loss

Notable Battles

Vs Yuko – Loss

Vs Maeda Р Loss

Body count:  23

Majisuka Paruru

# 5 Paru (MJGK 3)

Paru, the amnesiac killer. The main heroine of¬†MJGK 3, she was¬†practically¬†unbeatable throughout¬†the series. She defeated ever member of her team with relative ease and was even defeating teenage male delinquents before she was arrested. She didnt experience her first real challenge until she faced the Cleaner Miyu, the same person who killed Paru’s boyfriend and then framed her for his murder smh. Miyu being a professional fighter decimated Paru until Paru lost control of her emotions and released her “Rage/Demon” mode and turned the tides. It is because of this “Demon” mode she places higher than Sado as Paru¬†practically¬†shrugs off all forms of pain, fights more spontaneous and¬†reckless, and hits a crap ton harder than normal when in demon mode. In my opinion only the 4 characters left in the ranking are capable of still beating Paru when she is in demon mode. After that she managed to defeat Team Mongoose leader An’nin (Someone who fought Nobunaga to a draw) with broken ribs she suffered from the Miyu battle

Notable Battles

Vs Miyu – Win (only cause of demon mode)

Vs An’nin – Win (with broken ribs)

Vs Everyone else in MJGK 3 РWin

Body count: 20

Majisuka Black

# 4 Black (MJGK)

Black, the gothic speed demon single mom. One of the 4 heavenly queens of¬†MJGK, she was just as mysterious as she was deadly. With a liking of dark and Gothic themes she would often recite dark poems to all her victims. The only person on this list with true supernatural abilities, she possessed superhuman speed and agility to the point where she could move faster than the eyes could see. Her speed coupled with her ability to hide and fight from the shadows made her pretty much unbeatable by normal standards. ¬†The only person who could actually take on a group and defeat them all at he same time before they even realized they’ve been hit. Her only defeat which came at the hands of Maeda’s Queens came cause of an accident. She was thoroughly dominating the fight until her necklace was accidentally broken causing her to lose focus long enough to get by a headbutt from Onizuka who had actually tripped and was falling uncontrollably.

Notable Battles

Vs Maeda’s Queens – Loss (only cause of an accident)

Body count: 8

Before we get to the Top 3 I wanna mention some fighters who came close but not close enough to make this list.

Center and Nezumi (MJGK 2) –¬†This duo amassed quite a large body count, truthfully more than anybody on this list so far but they were all basically vs Npc’s. Center’s inability to defeat Otabe is the reason they were cut from the list. I personally think Nezumi is a stronger fighter as she posses more composure and battle strategy coupled with the best defensive dodging ability in the entire trilogy

An’nin (MJGK 3) –¬†¬†Team Mongoose leader who was widely considered to be 2nd strongest in the prison. Fought Nobunaga to a draw and nearly beat¬†a weakened Paru

And the top 3…

Majisuka Gekikara

#  3 Gekikara (MJGK)

Gekikara, the psychotic bundle of pain and death. This girl is death incarnate, probably the most sadistic character ever created for a idol based show. She thrives on pain and cares more about hurting others than actually winning the fight.  Clearly mentally insanse she will attack friend or foe without remorse, and will often even attack innocents to make her victim suffer more. Gekikara physical abilities are through the roof. While she possesses average speed and agility its her strength and durability that set her apart form others. This girl shrugs off most damage that would kill normal people, in reality it tends to make her stronger the more damage she takes. She will often take numerous blows just to land one on her opponent, and the one blow is devastating. Her power is outrageous and capable of OHKO on even the strongest opponents.  Everybody who has fought her has barely escaped with their lives, even the great Maeda was thoroughly damaged. In fact Gekikara is the only person who has ever walked away from a fight with Maeda.
Notable Battles

Vs Maeda allies – Win (complete annihilation)

Vs Maeda Р Tie ( She got bored and left)

Body count: 24 (Could have been higher but she likes torturing her opponents so takes her time on each one plus she was hospitalized for a majority of the 2nd season)

Majisuka Maeda

# 2 – Maeda Atsuko (MJGK 2)

Maeda Atsuko, warrior with a regretful past. Maeda is the primary heroine of¬†MJGK¬†and primary ass kicker as well. She was a former badass delinquent before the start of the series thrashing anybody who came her way until a tragedy made her change her ways. She went to Majisuka trying to hide her past and avoid fighting but that didnt go as planned. ¬†Unable to avoid fighting people who make fun of people seriously giving there all she ended up taking on the strongest the school had to offer. Maeda is an all around powerhouse possessing highly above average physical specs. ¬†Strength, durability, speed, agility, intellect all among the peaks of human ability she crushed all her opponents including all 4 heavenly queens and vice prez sado. Maeda also possessed a form of muscle memory, able to learn and execute a move even if she’s only seen it once, constantly using her opponents moves against them. After crushing Majisuka school she spent most of the 2nd season cleaning the streets, taking out yakuza gangs and thugs.

Notable Battles

Vs EVERYONE – Win (Undefeated against every character in MJGK)

Body count: 59!!! (and more than half of those were against grown men, yakuza caliber opponents who she fought in groups of 3 or more. They were beaten so bad they had to be hospitalized and ending up attracting the attention of the police)

Majisuka Yuko2

# 1 – Oshima Yuko (MJGK)

Oshima Yuko, the godly center who united them all. Yuko was the strongest fighter ever In Majisuka history. She single handedly defeated the strongest delinquents around and united them into the strongest group that ever lived. ¬†Even though most of her abilities are word of mouth, it holds some merit since everyone of the heavenly queens was beaten by her at some point before the series and coerced into joining her. She somehow defeated the superhuman Black and grim reaper Gekikara, who are normally unbeatable by modern methods, bad enough that even they fear her. She beat the dogshit out of Sado even after she finished beating up Sado’s whole gang by herself beforehand. This girl always won, no matter the odds and in more than one scenario beat groups of 8+ opponents ¬†at once. She never did get a chance to Maeda as Yuko was terminally ill during the events of the 1st season having less than a few months to live. Even though she was dying and severely weakened, she still managed to score a 133 on a punching machine which equals nearly 300lbs of force. Her biggest claim to fame was when she defeated basically an entire class by herself, 30 yabakune students at once all alone without breaking a sweat. She was actually enjoying herself and commented how fun this was. In fact, Yuko laughed during all her fights, everyone was enjoyable and fun even against massive odds. Clearly in my opinion the strongest character of the¬†MJGK franchise

Notable Battles

Vs EVERYONE  РWin (Aside from Maeda)

Body count: 47!! (30 of them were all at once. ¬†Could have been much higher if she wasn’t terminally ill)

All hail the god of fighting

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Strongest Majisuka Gakuen Characters

  1. gekikara is stronger than Maeda , because when they fought gekikara had just faced gakuran and Chokoku , in the fight against maeda , gekikara had to face four opponents( Ookabuki , Kokabuki , gakuran and Maeda ) and at the end of the battle she walked away with a empate.por what gekikara is stronger than Maeda . you should change the positions


    1. Yeah but Maeda in the 1st season at that point had fought against that those 3 as well as like 10 others among the strongest of the school in who knows how long of a time frame… But the Maeda I included was the one from season 2 who was far stronger than the time she fought Gekikara.. That Maeda was fighting Yakuza groups on the streets on almost a daily basis… More much battle experienced, much more ruthless


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